Woodsville Guaranty Savings Bank offers the following options to help you save.

Statement Savings Account

First things first.  A savings account is an important part of any savings plan.  Having a simple savings account, separate from your everyday checking, helps you save - and not spend - the money you set aside for emergencies or for something special. It also lets you withdraw funds at any time you do need it, without a fee or penalty. 

Open a Statement Savings account online with just $10! 

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Direct Deposit

Direct deposit of payroll or other income is a safe, easy, fast way to receive and have access to your money, without making a trip to the bank.  If your employer offers direct deposit, sign up for it, and ask that a small portion of your funds be deposited directly to your savings account.  

Scheduled Transfers

Within online or mobile banking, you can schedule a transfer to happen automatically, in an amount and with a frequency that’s comfortable for you. For example, transfer $10 or $100 each Friday, or $50 or $200 on the first of each month.  You can change or stop the transfer at any time.  Log in to GOLD or mobile banking and choose ‘Transfer’ to get started.  


Automatic Transfers

Ask us to set up a recurring automatic transfer for you in any amount from your WGSB checking account to your WGSB savings account.  Automatic transfers can be scheduled in a variety of frequencies to meet your needs. This service is available for all internal transfers, including loan payments.

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