Combined Statements

Combine your quarterly Statement Savings account with your checking account and receive a Combined Statement each month. Checking and Statement Savings account transactions will be provided in one, easy-to-read document, reducing the amount of paperwork you have to keep and making record-keeping simpler than ever!

For more information about how you can 'get it all together', contact us today!

Automatic Transfers

Make loan payments or deposit to a savings account…automatically. Ask us to set-up a recurring Automatic Transfer in any amount from your Woodsville Guaranty Savings Bank checking or savings account to any of your other accounts, including savings, checking, installment loans, mortgages, safe deposit fees, and All Purpose Club accounts. Automatic Transfers are absolutely free and can be scheduled in a variety of frequencies to meet your needs.

Automatic Transfer Service

Got a checking and Statement Savings account? Sign up for Automatic Transfer Service—just in case!

In the event you overdraw your checking account, ATS saves you time and money by using the funds in your own savings account to cover the balance. Transfers are made in $10 increments for a nominal transfer fee. With ATS, you'll also automatically receive a Combined Monthly Statement of checking and savings account transactions.

For personal and sole proprietorship customers only.