Protection for Your ATM and Debit Cards

WGSB provides real-time monitoring of all ATM and debit card transactions for potentially fraudulent activity. When suspicious activity is detected using your card, you receive an automated phone call from our Fraud Center to verify the legitimacy of the transactions. A quick response is important to prevent potential risk and to avoid card restrictions we may place on the use of your card. For this reason, we are very happy to announce an upgrade coming soon.

Debit Card Fraud Alerts

Coming June 2018, WGSB cardholders will be invited to add our new Debit Card Fraud Alerts service and receive 2-way text messages as a first line of defense against fraud. Once you do, a fraud alert will be sent to you by text and received by you in near real-time, wherever you are with your mobile device. Two-way text alerts also give you a safer and easier way to respond to suspicious activity, letting you reply by text with a few easy clicks. If we are unable to reach you by text, a phone call will also be made. 

  • Faster. Fraud alerts are sent by text message and received in near real-time, wherever you are with your mobile device.
  • Easier. The 2-way features lets you reply by text with a few easy clicks. 
  • Safer. You don't need to wonder who's calling you on the telephone and if it's truly someone from the bank.
Message and data rates may apply.

Watch for Your Chance to Add Text Alerts

Watch your mobile phone the week of June 11th for your opportunity to say ‘yes’ to add 2-way text messaging with WGSB Debit Card Fraud Alerts. This message will be sent to the phone number attached to your card and on record at the bank. To confirm we have your current mobile phone number, call or visit one of our offices today.*

*If you don’t receive a message from us to upgrade, the number we have on file for you may be outdated. Simply call or visit one of our offices so we can update your contact information. 

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Debit Card Fraud Alerts