The Authy desktop App to Sunset

The Authy desktop app is sunsetting on Tuesday, March 19. If you currently use the Authy desktop app for two-factor authentication to access WGSB’s online banking service, you will need to transition to the mobile version of the app or choose a different method.

If you do not have a mobile device and cannot use a mobile/text option, there are a number of effective options for you to choose and install on your desktop. While there are a number of free and fee-based options to choose from, the following browser-based authenticators have been tested by the bank’s technology team and are recommended for use with our online banking service.

  •   Microsoft Authenticator
  •   1Password
  •   LastPass

A “How To” guide has been created to help you set up a new desktop authenticator.

Download and print the guide here.  Download and Print

If you have questions or need help making this transition, please contact the bank at 800-564-2735.