New Card Management Services Coming Soon to WGSB's Mobile App

Get ready for an even easier way to manage your cards!

Coming May 24, the card management service within WGSB’s mobile app (currently called CardValet) will be upgraded to make way for a much more robust card management tool.

The new service will give you more control, convenience, and safety, and an overall improved card experience. It will include all the features you’re used to with CardValet and more, including:

  • Real-time card transaction notifications
  • Enriched transactions to clearly see where your purchases are made
  • Recurring payment visibility for subscriptions and cards on file with merchants
  • Controls and alerts for location, merchant type, and spending limit preferences
  • Simplified reporting of lost or stolen cards
  • Spend tracking by month, category and more
  • Direct add of a card to a digital wallet, like Apple Pay® or Google Pay™
  • Card activation and lost or stolen card reporting.
Card management services can be found by tapping ‘My Cards’ right inside WGSB’s mobile banking app.

We estimate the new service to be ready on Tuesday, May 24. The app will let you know what’s new once the update is complete.

What Should I Do to Get Ready?

If you already have WGSB’s mobile banking app, not much! Just be sure your phone is set for automatic app updates so you’ll get the new features as soon as they are rolled out. If it is not, you may be prompted to update your app.

If you don’t already have WGSB’s mobile banking app, download it today. Just search WGSB in the app store for your mobile device and follow the prompts to get started (if you’re already setup for online banking with GOLD, your username and password will be the same).

Enable ‘Live Updates’ in our mobile banking app so you know exactly what to expect and when. To do this, log in and select ‘Manage Alerts’.

What Should I Expect During the Update?

Tuesday, May 24, 2022, the current card management tool within WGSB’s mobile app will be unavailable from 6:00am until approximately 9:00am. You will not be able access ‘My Cards’ until the upgrade is complete.

If your apps are set to auto-update, this update will happen automatically. If not, you may be prompted to update the app in order to see the changes.

After 9:00am, log in to the mobile app as usual and tap ‘My Cards’ to see what’s new. At this time, you may be prompted to register information to enable some of the features. 

Cards and all previously set alerts and controls will be carry over from the current CardValet service within the mobile app.

You can still use your cards during this app transition.

What if I Currently Use the Standalone CardValet App?

The standalone CardValet app will remain available and get an update, but will not include the additional features described above. The standalone app is provided as a convenience for business customers who do not have access to the consumer version of WGSB’s mobile banking app, where these card management services reside.

For business customers who use the standalone app, be sure your mobile device is set for automatic updates, so the updated app will automatically download. Users without automatic updates enabled will be prompted to download the updated CardValet app. User credentials and all previously registered cards and alerts/controls will be available after the update is complete.

Contact Us

For any questions regarding this update, please call your local branch office or contact us through our website.