Pay all your bills with just a click!

With eZ Pay online bill payment, you have greater control of your money and payments, and greatly reduce the time and expense of paying bills. 

With eZ Pay, you can:

  • Pay all your bills in minutes from your personal Payment Center
  • Keep your money in your account longer, with the payment amount deducted from your checking account the same day as the payment date, at the earliest
  • Receive and view bills from companies who offer electronic bill service
  • Set up email reminders that a bill is due to be paid
  • View up to 18 months of payment history
  • Export payment history using personal accounting software

Benefits of eZ Pay:

  • Take charge of your money and payments
  • Save the time and expense of paying bills
  • No need to buy stamps!
  • Send payments on your terms, rather than letting other companies ‘take’ money from your account.
  • All the benefits of paying online without having to give other people or companies your personal account information
  • Keep your money in your account longer!
  • So simple, anyone can do it
  • You don’t need to be a computer whiz to be an eZ Pay pro!

...and more!

The best part? It’s easy! And it’s easy to enroll. 

To Start Using eZ Pay

To start using eZ Pay Bill Payment Service, simply log in to GOLD, choose an account, and click on the eZ Pay button (or choose ‘Payments’ from the account drop-down menu).